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Technology and Social Behavior

Dual Ph.D. Program in Computer Science and Communication

Technology and Social Behavior (TSB) is a joint Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Communication that draws on Northwestern's strong support for interdisciplinary research, benefits from talented faculty who contribute to a tradition of collaboration, and attracts unique students who are eager for academic experiences that cross traditional departmental boundaries.


Recent Work Spotlight

Gender inequities in the online dissemination of scholars’ work

Women are less successful than men in disseminating their research online, an NSF-funded study published in PNAS and led by TSB faculty Ágnes Horvát finds.

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From the Technically Social Blog

Hey Alexa, Can you tell me how well you answer news queries?

New research on Amazon's Alexa shows how variations in how users receive information about recent news. What causes these variations? How do these differences manifest?

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Apple's Tracking Options Give You Influence Over Tech Companies

Apple now lets users opt-out of app tracking, and developers have lost access to many people they previously tracked across apps. Will this give you more influence over tech companies?

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How AI researchers are thinking about the societal impacts of AI

The NeurIPS broader impact statements offer a snapshot of a community at a crucial point of change. How do authors express impacts? What types of impacts do authors focus on?
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