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Technology and Social Behavior

Dual Ph.D. Program in Computer Science and Communication

Technology and Social Behavior (TSB) is a joint Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Communication that draws on Northwestern's strong support for interdisciplinary research, benefits from talented faculty who contribute to a tradition of collaboration, and attracts unique students who are eager for academic experiences that cross traditional departmental boundaries.


Recent Work Spotlight

UChicago professor talks human-centered AI at TSB Colloquium

University of Chicago Prof. Chenhao Tan gave a talk focusing on a new way to improve decision making using explainable AI.
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From the Technically Social Blog

Widening Perspectives on Learning and Research Opportunities

A TSB student reflects on their time at an internship at The Learning Partnership, a company providing STEM learning programs to K-12 students in Puerto Rico.
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From scientific management to data-driven labor organizing

As data is collected about workers, how does it impact them and how do they respond to it? What is the role of technology in supporting worker advocacy movements?
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Crowdsourcing the social impacts of algorithms

New study uses crowdsourcing to leverage anticipatory ethics and participatory foresight, to ultimately uncover potential impacts of algorithmic decision making tools.

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Research Lab Spotlight