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2022-2023 Events


Panel Discussion: Inequalities & Science

1-2pm, Zoom; Advance registration required.

Diverse voices and talent face barriers in science and science engagement, leading to fundamental leaps (e.g., women’s heart attack research) and missed opportunities for error correction. Moreover, a growing disconnect between science and civic life hinders urgent collective problem-solving and causes inequitable access to the benefits of science, healthcare, and technology. How can we ensure more equitable scientific production and use? In this panel, we’ll explore existing inequalities in science and what academia can do to work towards ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in the service of better science and society.

Join us for this important conversation with Roberta Sinatra, Cassidy Sugimoto, Jevin West, and Fariba Karimi in a virtual panel forum moderated by Agnes Horvát.

Advance registration required.

Lambert Conference on the Future of Human-Computer Interaction + Design

8:30am-8pm (10/24), 8:30am-12pm (10/25), Ford Engineering Design Center

Description: The HCI+D Center is holding its inaugural conference featuring Elizabeth Churchill (Google), Sheena Erete (University of Maryland, College Park), Jodi Forlizzi (CMU), James Landay (Stanford), Elizabeth Mynatt (Northeastern), Vidya Setlur (Tableau/Salesforce) and others for discussions about community- and asset-based design, human-centered artificial intelligence, healthcare and well-being, work, creativity, and data visualization.